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Lost Daughters

"An eye for human nature that is both unsparing and compassionate...she writes hauntingly of lives permanently marked by...deceptions." --Lee Pennock Huntington



"...examines the complexities and pain of mother-daughter relationships. Fortyish Allie Heller became pregnant as a teenager and gave her daughter up for adoption; when the child reaches 21, Allie can try to reestablish contact. Travel writer Allie composes a personal and family history to help her daughter understand her background. Sections of this narrative are interwoven with the story of daughter Lila, a college student raised in a peripatetic military adoptive family, a young woman who seeks an abortion when she becomes pregnant; Lila then heads west to try to locate her birth mother. "Coherency comes from narrative," Allie hopes, but she cautions her daughter that they're descended from a long line of "mothers who lie." The shocking nature of those lies and their consequences lend power to this affecting novel.-- Booklist