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My Works

A Well-Made Bed

A WELL-MADE BED features the exploits and tricky friendship of Jaycee and Noor—the Thelma and Louise of the 21st century. Desperate acts of survival evolve as the two characters' craftiness leads them into a world of intrigue, murder, and the underground cocaine market. The lines between right and wrong become increasingly blurred. But when Noor and Jaycee come face to face with their capacity for betrayal a caper becomes a calamity. Darkly comic, A WELL-MADE BED goes beyond the tropes of the girl buddy tale to explore just how easily each of us might step over the line from being a clean-nosed good citizen to being a felon.

"The novel deftly navigates between narrators, keeping its momentum even when jumping back and forth in time as the women—and the reader—discover a dark secret that's been hidden away for 15 years. . . .A weighty tale that keeps the reader intrigued and entranced." -- KIRKUS REVIEWS

Forthcoming March 2016 A novel of murder, copyright infringement, friendship, betrayal, dementia, lust, and one large, mysterious wheel of Peruvian cheese. A collaborative work with Abby Frucht.


"... covers absolutely everything necessary for teaching both fiction and creative nonfiction..." -- Alice Fogel, Poet Laureate of New Hampshire

Between Revolutions: an American Romance with Russia

"...a compelling memoir that reads like a novel."-- Booklist


"...vivid... precisely detailed and convincing... as involving and moving as a novel" -- Kelly Cherry


Michener Award-winning Laurie Alberts provides a unique glimpse into the lives of ordinary Russians during the last years of the Soviet empire, while portraying the difficulties of American/Soviet relations on the most personal of levels--the ways in which Cold War politics warp human connections.

Fault Line

"This beautifully written …memoir rips open the wounds of first love in search of what one person can be held accountable for in the ruin of another."

--Chip Brown, author, Good Morning Midnight


"An utterly compelling elegy, a courageous... confession, and ...affecting inquiry into responsibility, influence, and fate."


The Price of Land in Shelly

"Narrated in turn by each of these skillfully drawn characters, "The Price of Land in Shelby" offers a portrait of rural New England stripped of any trace of sentimentality." –The New York Times.


"...a deeply observed, profoundly moving tale of the five Chartrain siblings of Shelby, Vt. and their cousin Jamie as the six grow from the insecurities of adolescence to the insecurities of middle age..."

--Chris Bohjalian, Burlington Free Press

Lost Daughters

"...examines the complexities and pain of mother-daughter relationships. Fortyish Allie Heller became pregnant as a teenager and gave her daughter up for adoption; when the child reaches 21, Allie can try to reestablish contact. Travel writer Allie composes a personal and family history to help her daughter understand her background. Sections of this narrative are interwoven with the story of daughter Lila, a college student raised in a peripatetic military adoptive family, a young woman who seeks an abortion when she becomes pregnant; Lila then heads west to try to locate her birth mother. "Coherency comes from narrative," Allie hopes, but she cautions her daughter that they're descended from a long line of "mothers who lie." The shocking nature of those lies and their consequences lend power to this affecting novel.-- Booklist

Goodnight Silky Sullivan

"...deadeye characterization and lucid prose...Alberts' subtle imagination and voice make for a poignant, resonant collection." -- Publishers Weekly, starred review


"Laurie Alberts is a writer who can take you to near and far places and make those various places (and the people in them) shine and pulse with real life. With a wonderful combination of high energy and honest modesty, Alberts writes in clear strong sentences that do not come between the reader and her thoroughly imagined, credible world of fiction. Goodnight Silky Sullivan is a collection to celebrate, a book to cherish."-- George Garrett

Tempting Fate

"Beautifully written, richly characterized...Laurie Alberts has given new meaning and resonance to a classic American subject...self-discovery in the wilderness."-- Cleveland Plain Dealer